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DME Billing,
Collection and Consulting Services

How We Are Different

All of our clients are treated like "a big fish in a little pond," instead of just another client. We devote the personal attention your account needs and deserves.
Instead of just notifying the client of denial, we explain the nature of denials, i.e. same or similar, max benefit, skilled nursing facility, medical necessity, etc. to allow the client to implement procedures to avoid future denials.
We review documentation prior to delivery to avoid potential pitfalls.
We will review documentation and coding for rehab equipment and submit for Advanced Determination (prior appeals) for tilt in space chairs and ultra lightweight wheelchairs with Medicare
We have a strong understanding of the Medicare process for successful appeals.
All billing is submitted within 72 hours of receipt and in most cases, within 24 hours.
We identify HCPCS codes selected for "development" or additional documentation requests quickly to help in obtaining medical records in a timely manner, resulting in faster payment.
Outstanding balances are worked line by line by our experienced collections staff. We do not simply resubmit claims. We contact the payors to identify the source of the problem for quick resolution.
No hidden fees for postage, reporting, etc.
Currently submitting to Medicaid in 16 states
Clarifications of quarterly Medicare updates, coding and policy changes/updates and documentation requirements
Assistance with Advanced Benefit Notification s for upgrades
We know the legalities concerning billing a patient for services to avoid assignment violations.
We ease the conversion process by taking over existing rentals or past A/R.
Increased collections due to our expertise in allowances, claims filing procedures, proper coding, timely follow up and immediate appeals filing.
Our services are limited to Durable Medical Equipment. We do not provide billing or collection service for any other specialties. This means we are continually and constantly kept abreast of changes in regulations, policies, coding and documentation requirements specific to DME.
Our client's questions are usually answered immediately.

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